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Why Superwheat?

Grown Without Compromise

Fully Organic

No Urea, Pesticies & DAP

Fully Nutrients and fibre content

No Fortification

Fresh Products

No Preservatives

Fully Tasty and Very Digestible

No Taste Enhancers

Anything you want to know about Superwheat

What are Organic Products ?

Organic products are agricultural products that are produced using methods that do not involve synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, These products are typically grown using sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods, and are often considered to be healthier and more natural than conventionally-grown products.

Are our products GMO- free ?

Yes our products are GMO free

What are the benefits of Organic food?

Organic food refers to food that is produced using farming methods that avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and irradiation.

Why does organic food cost more than non-organic food?

Organic Produce are Costly Because:

1). Organic food is often produced in smaller quantities, which can lead to higher costs due to limited supply

2). Organic farming methods are generally more labour-intensive, which leads to higher costs for farmers.

3). Organic farmers may also face higher costs for certifying their products as organic.

4). Organic products may need to be transported over longer distances to reach consumers, which can also add to the cost.

5). Organic farming starts giving yields after 3-4 years of Transition from inorganic practices to Natural Farming.

Are Organic products healthier than inorganic

Organic products are loaded with naturally occurring nutrients and without any harmful toxins and poisonous traces of pesticides, herbicides and weedicides, along with nutrients they are easily absorbed in blood after digestion

All Natural Products

We provide 100% Pure and Natural products directly from our local farms. Please click on the “Lab Test Report” icon to see the latest chemical and pesticide test report as per FSSAI norms for organic food.